Race: Brinchie; Ocelot coloration

Agility: D8
Smarts: D6
Spirit: D6
Strength: D8
Vigor: D6

Pace: 8 in.
Parry: 5 (6)
Toughness: 5 (7)
Charisma: 0

Climbing d6
Fighting d6
Notice d6
Persuasion d4
Shooting d8
Stealth d8
Streetwise d4
Swimming d4

Assassin +2 dam when surprising
Lucky +1 Benny

Code of Honor
Quick: plays with things in fingers: pennies, marbles, gem stones, pebbles.

Short Bow (d8 with 2d6 damage)
Long Sword (d6 with 2d8 damage)
Partial Scale AR (+2 AR/ -2 Cover)
Extra set of clothes

Essence: 0
Spells: none

Special Abilities:
HotBlooded (-4 in cold)
Low light vision
Natural Claws d4 dam
Natural Acrobat: +2 acrobatics/nimble; +1 parry unarmed
Outsider: -2 CHA with outsiders
Needs Action: Spirit Check when bored, or -1 distraction and mean.

Defining Interests:
Climbing, shooting, blending in.



I am up for consideration as a Black Lantern, by Johanna in Lanthor. My first task is to observe and to infiltrate a group that call themselves Grey Lanterns, but do not always act like it.

I do not speak much, preferring to observe. I wish to blend in to the background but still remain a part of the group. It is the best way, I have found, to determine if someone is really friend or foe.

I have a passion for apples, including apple jack, sweet cider, and fried apple chunks.

Mu family is nomadic, and I was accidentally left behind, getting lost in the city during a shopping expedition. The day I became separated from my kin, there was a brawl in the shopping district. Several people were arrested and separated, and some were forced to leave the city. I have no idea where my family is now, but I am searching for them, as, I am sure, they still look for me. I have been on my own for about a year. Mostly, I run errands, and occassionally act as a hired guard.

I prefer to watch from the tree road, or the rooftops. From a young age, I have always been one for heights. My mother was frequently scared witless with my antics, but I survived them, and it serves me well now.

I wished to join with the Grey Lanterns because they tend not to turn on their own. When I met Johanna, she felt I would be better off with the Black Lanterns, because of my coloring and my skills… We shall see what comes of this new life of mine.


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