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To Johanna, Supplemental Report 1

Supplemental Report 1


While I know we spoke of some of this during my last report, I wished to put it into writing, to have a historical dialog and to correct some errors.

The Grey Rangers you asked me to observe are very different from what you described a Grey Ranger should be. They are much more… grey… than I expected.

I chose to observe a specific outing from a roof top, after following Thunk the Ogre. Shortly after taking up my station, Thunk grabbed a man by the shoulders and dragged him bodily out of his home. I learned later that that man was Sessrik “The Devil.” Since I did not know, at the time, if this forced removal was for good or ill, I chose not to reveal my presence.

Sessrik, while being hauled down the street, began to chant. Fire burst out, and a huge flame-spawned creature stepped through the flames. The Abyssal or Norcan-Darr demon was as large as the ogre.

While I am sure I would do just about anything to protect myself if I were bodily removed from safety, I do not think I would make a deal with anything that evil. Thunk chose to remove Sessrik from this world by placing his body into the very flames the human chanted into existence. His death, however, did not return the demon back to where it came from.

I chose, at this point, that public and personal safety required my active participation. Several thugs rose from the very rooftops that I was posted. I gave assistance in the form of aerial support.

Thunk chose to remove the devil next. Several blows were exchanged. I did help by shooting the thing once in the neck. But I think it was Thunk’s stomping on the demon’s head, which exploded like a smashed watermelon, that did the most damage. Also the very reason that, later when Thunk motioned for me to come over to him, I chose to remain on the rooftop.

Six or seven thugs came to Sessrik’s aid, rising from the shadows on the slated rooftops. I shot two or three. I think. I did not know at this time that Rak, a Dragordian, and Jossifer, a Korindian, were coming down a side street toward Thunk. Once Thunk removed the threat of the demon, Jossifer removed himself from the area. Rak, on the other hand, remained, and the three of us removed more of the thugs. When the ruffians turned and ran, we chose to let them leave. And to leave the bodies of the dead behind. Sorry for the lack of cleanup, if you were involved in that part in any way.

Thunk asked if I wished to join their little band. As I had just seen the Ogre stomp someone’s head like a grape, I chose not to be all that vocal and kept well out of grabbing range. Just in case. Despite that, I accepted, as I thought that would be the fastest way to get the information you required.

The group returned to their tavern. The Branded Fish. Thunk went to rest. Jossifer, Rak, and I went to infiltrate a crime boss’s lair- that of Oggo. For some reason, I am reminded of breakfast pastries every time I hear the name. Oggo, as I am sure you are aware, is a fat human crime lord. His thugs are very well disciplined and do not get distracted easily. At least, not while in the room with their boss.

Oggo is being controlled by a group called the Red Store. As per your instructions, I will attempt to locate more information on this group. But I do know that they are not from the area. Oggo’s daughter is missing and may be how the local Crime Lord is being controlled.

It was after trip to see Oggo that I came to see you, while the others returned to their tavern for the second time that evening. I can understand why you were concerned. I got the impression that Thunk was removing Sessrik for his own protection. Not to kill or harm, but did not have the time to explain. But I have also gained the knowledge that Sessrik’s removal from life probably will make the area a little healthier in the long run. Sessrik was apparently a pain in Oggo’s neck and Jossifer had, I am guessing from the conversation, agreed to take the man out for the crime lord. Thunk was attempting to protect Sessrik from Jossifer, despite the man being an evil person and Jossifer being part of Thunk’s Grey Rangers. I did not get that part correct when last we spoke.

After leaving you, I returned to my own rooms for a nap. Then I went to the Branded Fish to wait for the others to waken. A messenger from Oggo appeared with a scroll.

Rak and Jossifer started the morning bickering. As it appears that Thunk is in charge of this group, I waited to for him to rouse to pass along the message. He asked if I wished to join the Grey Rangers, and gave me a Trainee Cloak, when I agreed. We were to escort a shipment from Oggo to a nearby location in Greyshore. Rak and Jossifer went to meet Oggo’s men. Thunk and I followed the map separately, to scout the area. After Jossifer went and bought two bladders of sheep’s blood.

Near the end point, a cave near the shoreline, Thunk decided to create a distraction, as their were four persons in brown cloaks guarding the entrance. It did not go as intended. As I was hiding in the trees, and saw that there was no reaction, I went back to Thunk and screamed as loud as I could. No such luck. They did not break formation. Thunk went one way, shouting for help. I returned to the tree road.

Thunk approached the brown-cloaked men, still shouting for help, bodily picked one up, and ran back the way he came. This, of course, finally got the attention he had been looking for. The other three went to their comrade’s aide. I am not sure what Thunk did with the first man, but I did hear a loud splash. I decided not to go into the cave as requested, and instead shot one of the men in the neck. They were heavily armored, well trained, and wore uniform garb. If there were four, what was in the cave?

I picked off the other two, then had Thunk assist me in arranging the four bodies to make it look like they were playing “cards” with a pile of leaves. Even though one man had an arrow through the neck and eye. I thought, if nothing else, it might make whomever was in the cave into non-moving targets a moment or two when they came out to see what had happened.

After the scene was set, I entered the cave. It was a good thing we did not do the original plan, as there was a fifth man inside, guarding barred doors. As silently as possible, I shot him as well, and dragged him back to Thunk.

Shortly thereafter, Jossifer, Rak, and three of Oggo’s men showed up with a cart. They began arguing, after seeing the “card” players stacked up in the little grove. Jossifer decided to not turn around and go back to Oggo, but to instead take himself and one of Oggo’s men into the cave after lots of arguing and Thunk presenting himself accidentally. I remained in the trees. The cave however, held several more Soldiers Prelacy of Kamon, who, it turns out, were the people Oggo was delivering the cart to. Yay.

The cart had two boxes. Both of which grunted when they were dropped on the ground.

I write this report now, with the hopes that it will somehow be delivered to you if I do not make it through another round of stupidity by one of the group, who shall, at this point, remain nameless. I am all for taking risk, as we discussed. But when there is a clear out when every one can get away safely and re-strategize, and someone ignores that, well… like I said. I like to hang back and see who is really friend and who is really foe. Hopefully there will be a Supplemental Report 2, and I will have not shot someone in the foot to prevent them from running away while I beat them repeatedly about the head, trying to smack some sense and well-being of others into their head.

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