Shaintar - Rangers of Blue

Supplemental Report 3


We made it back to Blue and Thunk has accepted me into his unit. My classification is a scouting person who talks. We did not discuss my other… ah… duties. Currently, we are resting underground.

Some farmers have gone missing from the nearby town of Woodbridge. We were sent to investigate their disappearance. As far as I know, no livestock has gone missing. All of the following events occurred within 12 hours.

We stopped at the local tavern and spoke to some of the town folk, one of whom we coerce… ah… suggested lead us to the location of the last person who disappeared. At the tavern, we were told that a thing, approximately twenty feet high with a large wingspan, not made of feathers, was flying over the nearby woods, close to dusk. Once we had direct assistance from one of the farmers, we headed into the forest. From there, we saw little disturbance on the ground, but in the canopy, there were heavy gouge marks and several broken branches. I followed the tree road, while the rest remained on the ground.

About an hour later, I had an accident that alerted a group of Builders. We nearly came to blows, but Thunk, tho he does not speak well, talked us all out of killing each other and combining forces. The group of Builders had a war-machine golem of some sort with them, complete with rotating saw blades and other metal moving parts. Some creature had taken over their underground lair and killed some of their forces. That was where the farmers had been taken.

They led us to a copse of ruins, complete with a wide staircase leading under the surface of the forest. At the base were six skeletons of ancestral Builders and two freshly dead bodies. Their fallen comrades.

We were attempting to retrieve the dead to return to the Builders, when Joss ran ahead, triggering off a specter of some sort and the skeletons rose to attack us. So much for subtlety. We were able to get the dead out and unfortunately hacked their ancients to pieces, which will make future negotiations difficult.

There were some magical items in the temple area, but we left them there out of respect. In the lower tunnels, however, we had a nasty surprise waiting for us.

Several cages hung suspended over a lava pit. We found the farmers. Starving, but alive. Flying about the cages were two gargoyles. Across the pit from us was an opening portal, somehow energy attached to the cages the farmers were in. Not all of the cages were full, so I am assuming that there wasn’t enough energy to do what was wanted. I am no mage, so I am only guessing. Kneeling in front opf the portal was a creature similar to the flame demon that Thunk squashed in your city. Unfortunately, it accurately matched the description given to us: standing twenty feet tall, large bat-like wingspan, and demonic.

We fought hard with two of the Builders at our sides. Joss took out one of the gargoyles and may have redeemed himself. Depends on what the future holds. Rak took out the other gargoyle. Thunk, the builders, and I took on the demon, and the other two helped, once the gargoyles were dispatched.

Currently, we are resting, getting the farmers out, and figuring out what peace accord we can bridge with the Builders, for now.


Count_Zero Count_Zero

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